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Total Sponsored Amount : Rs.9000

“The English translation of the Hindi word ‘Prayaas’ is ‘Endeavour’ – to try hard to do something. I decided to name this project ‘Prayaas’ because I have given my 100%, without compromising on any aspect of the project, and overcoming every difficulty I had to face, with assistance provided by several volunteers.
What drove me to pursue this dream was a story told to me by my father, Rajesh Damani, who also helped me endlessly during the course of this project. He told me about a female worker in his textile mill (Located in Solapur, Maharashtra), whose husband was diagnosed as HIV positive. Knowing this, she nevertheless decided not to test herself for HIV, and refrained from having her children tested either. This shocked me to my core, and got me thinking about the lack of awareness of people in rural areas, concerning HIV.

The Damani Group has been involved in the textile industry in Solapur since about 60 years, along with non-profit endeavors such as their involvement in theRotary North Radhakishan Fomra Deaf & Dumb School. I have been visiting this upcoming city, with my family, as far as I can remember, and I have developed a special bond with it. This led me to choose Solapur to conduct my project in.

A vital aspect of laying the foundation for my project was the assistance provided to me by President Dr. B. V. Kinikar, Project Director Mrs. Seema Kinikar and his staff, who work for an NGO, Niramaya Arogya Dham (NAD). NAD has been involved with spreading awareness and primarily assisting children and female sex workers, who are HIV positive. NAD has performed a number of enlightening, productive projects in order to help them. You can read more about NAD and their projects here : http://nad.org.in/

Going back to my initial point of inspiration, I decided to plan a health camp for all the female workers of the Jamshri textile mill, along with the help of a vital member of my team, Swapnil Utage.

I continued my project by interacting with the children at the NGO itself. This enabled me to spread awareness about my project to the children and their guardians, as well as to get a sense of their personalities. However, this clearly wasn’t enough and I needed a better understanding of what their lifestyle entailed in order to assess the needs of these children. I was further inspired by their excitement when I told them that I would be visiting their homes personally for a one-to-one conversation with them and their families over the next 6 days, accompanied by a volunteer at NAD, Mukund Kadam, who significantly helped me, especially to communicate with the families, quite literally by translating.

Eventually, after having interacted with every child and assessing what they may need, I began to locate all the necessary products for each child, so that I could present it here for possible sponsors. The trip ended with a visit that I planned for 60 children to the Science Centre of Solapur at Solapur Univercity,

My experiences over the course of this project revealed certain social and psychological problems associated with HIV, in addition to the extreme health effects that HIV causes. Firstly, I would like to point out that most of these children are discriminated against by every sect of society that they are a part of, for a disease that was genetically transmitted to them. Clearly, this involved no fault of theirs. Since this implies that their parents had the disease as well, these children are as a result, more often than not, orphaned. Due to the lack of family support for these children, the economic condition of these families is dire and unlikely to improve without further support. Lastly, I would like to point out that HIV is a chronic, incurable disease that these children will carry for the rest of their lives. All we can do is provide them with any form of happiness that can light up the darkness of their lives, even for a moment…”

- Aayush Damani

To sponsor a child, go to ‘Sponsor a Child’

To know more about NAD, click here

To know more about ‘Prayaas’, please feel free to contact me at any time. My contact details are provided below.

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